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Welcome to Haskell Services INC

Our Plans For logo designing


The Logo is The Branding Statement and face of your organization. The Logo should differentiate your company and create a desired identity. Logo Design should express details about your company that are readily identified by potential and current customers. Your company logo is a powerful visual and even possible auditory representation that makes your company stand out. Our Designers will continually revise until we create a logo that speaks both attractively and effectively as it proudly represents your company theme.

Your Business Logo should be transferable to all advertising, proposals, contracts, and all company related documents. The logo will represent and communicate who you are to visitors and play a role in how they both experience and even feel about your company. Graphics and Brand Names play a huge role in reaching out and creating associations with new clients. A Google Search that lands on two lawn maintenance companies arrives at two business options…One that is a generic bland advertisement with no identifying logo style, and the other that has a powerful identifiable Logo Statement that is attractive and attention grabbing. The second option is significantly more likely to get visited and called upon. Companies and Organizations need attractive professional looking logo representation. Haskell Services includes Logo Design in all of its Subscription Packages and Word Press or Website Design projects.


– We provide a logo which is unique, eye catching , with eye popping color.
– We provide a logo which is best suitable for your organizational needs.
– Your vision is valuable in designing a logo. We continue development until we meet your standard.
– We have many professionally designed examples that you are welcome to use as a starting point and we can evolve it from there.