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Welcome to Haskell Services INC

Our Plans For digital email marketing


Haskell Services provides additional assistance in SEO, SEO Training, SMO (Social Media Optimization) and Email Marketing . Email marketing is a newer and highly efficient methodology to promote your business online. Electronic emails are used to promote your business online through the use of our On- Going- developed -Email Marketing methods i.e. video, animation, Drip Email Campaigns, etc.. will allow you to increase your business with additional Emailing Proposals. Our standard approach for marketing with email makes it possible to conveniently cope with various ever evolving aspects of E-Mail Marketing as well as appropriately plan and perform your E-mail Marketing Strategic Approaches i.e. Drip Marketing.

Our vibrant options handle every part of Emailing (presentation, functionally as well as technically) and accommodate your requirements as we customize according to your business needs, which is essential to getting our clients excellent outcomes i.e. traffic and sales. With your vision and our well-suited E-Mail Marketing Options, it is possible to both flexibly and efficiently compose routine E-Mail Templates (Drip Mail Campaigning) and also monitor and examine your E-Mail Campaign results. We grant you convenient access from Beginning to End, and On-Going with enhanced easy to comprehend Metrics to improve both Targeting and Marketing with our E-Mail Marketing Services. E-mail Marketing Assistance makes it possible to link up with the proposed message receiver practically in most efficient manner utilizing different Design Themes which keep your E-Marketing fresh i.e. e-newsletter layouts, graphical depiction, and email equipment for even more recommendations and adaptations with Extra Pro-Designed Electronic Mail Tools. We also look for the position of E-Mail Delivered (to stay away from any kind of spamming) as well as to verify the data and create a report for opened e-mail, amount of recipients, reverts and more.