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From Four Walls To None In The Cloud

E-Commerce has existed for roughly twenty years. According to Google 2019 Stats 33% of small businesses still lack a digital presence but that number is expected to increase to 90% within the next year. Even thriving retail stores will need a digital presence going forward to successfully compete.

Currently, there are more choices than ever before in an ever-changing Digital World.The good news is we are empowered with endless everchanging options. The bad news is that the complexity that comes with it can be overwhelming. The biggest mass customization,creation, and implementation barrier is the imagination and we are almost at the point where if one can conceptualize it, a Digital Producer can produce it and customize it for the specific needs of a Business Client or Individual.
Companies that embrace a fluid Anything, Anytime, Anywhere Digital Business Philosophy will have endless marketing opportunities. Digital Catalogs, Specialty Applications, Diversity of Add-ons, and the ability to access Niche, Local, and Global Markets increases exponentially with a fluid Digital Customization Philosophical Approach.

The Industrial Age Business Adage, if it isn’t broke don’t fix it, is no longer applicable in the 21st Century Digital Age Business of The 21st Century Business. Even if you are currently making the ROI you have always achieved do not delude yourselves into believing the past and the future will remain the same. The Cost of Inaction is a slow or even swift death sentence to building and maintaining a business in the 21st Century. Interestingly, according to several surveys millennials appear to be open to abandoning traditional big brands for Progressive New Digital Companies that create a great Digital Mobile Experience for customers on multiple platforms. The status quo of traditional manufacturing and marketing is no longer a realistic option for business going forward. A front end Digital Automated Approach to manufacturing and marketing is the expectation from the newest generation of consumers. Those that ignore this do it at their own peril.
The New Normal in the Digital Age is what once was, no longer is. It means that The COI (Cost of Inaction) is no longer an option if one wants to protect their business ROI (Return on Investment) from extinction.

Technologies come and go, so it is critical to have a Fluid Digital Business Plan. Those that refuse to accept the risks involved with change are guaranteeing their own demise. Digital Technologies will continue to develop at an exponential rate and those businesses that create a culture of Digital innovation with successful seamless implementation will be the ones that have the greatest chance at success. Haskell Services is happy to listen and assist with problem solving resources and strategies with a No Obligation Free Digital Consultation.