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Digital Commerce Solutions

Digital Commerce Solutions

Affiliate Marketing:

Performance based marketing in which business rewards various affiliates for each sale brought by the marketers efforts i.e Blogging, Landing Pages, Websites, etc…

Anytime Anywhere:

Digital Remote Models promote an Anytime Anywhere Synchronous and asynchronous business agility reality i.e. phones particularly are being utilized to do business at greater rates than ever.

Business to Business:

B2B or business to business involves commercial transactions that are typically mutually beneficial i.e. Products and services provided for the betterment of both organizations.

Digital Marketing:

The utilization of the internet and online technologies delivered through desktop and laptop computers, tablets, phones, and other digital media platforms to promote products and services.

Digital Services:

The electronic delivery of information including data and content across the web. Involves multiple platforms and devices that deliver increased efficiency and higher visible transparency via i.e. phones, tablets, laptops, computers


Electronic Commerce via the internet involving the purchase of goods and services. Multi billion dollar transactions can happen at the click of a button and trillions annually.

Fast Processing:

Algorithms allow for efficient speed in in Digital Transactions i.e. WooCommerce Shopping Carts for secured credit card transactions through PayPal, Stripe, Square, etc..

Global Collaboration:

Digital Applications allow for synchronous and asynchronous Communications around the world. This permits teams of experts in different regions of the world to work for a common cause such as projects and business i.e. WhatsApp Business, Zoom, Skype

Low Maintenance:

Digital Applications create a seamless work and production flow. One can run digital remote operations with very little labor and inexpensively.

Products (ROI):

Digital Products provide tremendous Return On Investment in both time and money when used strategically. These products not only increase profit but also reduce overhead costs when used properly.

Reduced Costs:

One can run entire industries going form four walls to none eliminating the need for leasing a building and have a team all over the globe. The possibilities are endless.

Subscription Billing:

Is a system of billing consumers on a time determined basis for products and services that they receive. Digital E-Commerce Systems (WooCommerce) can manage subscriptions on a recurring monthly or yearly basis from a website i.e. Products- Digital Magazines, Newspapers, Consultations, trainers, books, games, etc..