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Welcome to Haskell Services INC

Merit Based Digital Marketing

We Offer Your Business 100% Merit Based Digital Marketing. We only get paid if you do!

Many companies, independent contractors, and sole proprietors either have paid or are currently paying digital advertising agencies $2,000, $3,000, even $5,000+ on a monthly basis with the promise of increasing ROI presence anywhere from 200-400%, etc., but no meaningful accountability. Many companies have tens, if not hundreds, of accounts and many of those involve a conflict of interest. Haskell Services offers a digital marketing agent that offers your business 100% Digital Merit Based Marketing - no conflict of interest! Typically, our agents will only have a handful of accounts and are never permitted to have more than eight. Simply put, we only get paid if you do, so you will have our undivided attention!

We Offer Your Business The Following Digital Marketing A, B, C’s:

  • A. A Full Digital Marketing Agency

  • 1. Digital E-Commerce Solution Models
  • 2. Anytime Anywhere Remote Models
  • 3. Anytime Anywhere Model
  • 4. Synchronous and Asynchronous Models
  • 5. Digital B2B & B2C Mutually Beneficial
  • 6. Digital Marketing & Services
  • 7. Digital WooCommerce Credit Card Processing
  • 8. Digital Customized Shopping Carts
  • 9. Digital Global Collaboration Approach
  • 10. Digital Application Seamless Approach
  • 11. Digital Production Increases ROI
  • 12. Digital Production Overhead Reduction Increases ROI
  • 13. Digital WooCommerce Subscription Billing
  • 14. Digital Customized Approach to Your Business
  • B. A Full Digital Infrastructure

  • 1. Full Service CRM- User/ PW- Track Agencies, Agents, Telemarketers and all organizational leads. Hundreds of Accessible E-Books for our Clients to utilize as a resource.
  • 2. Cloud Security Azure and AWS
  • 3. Elite Hosting Functionality & Speed/ SSL
  • 4. Immediate Mirror Site Backups
  • 5. Full Management-Plugin & All Software Updates
  • 6. Swift Dedicated Tasking
  • 7. 24/7 Web Chat Support
  • C. A Fully Invested Digital Marketing Staff Member

  • 1. We learn and contribute to your business and strategize together as a guide by your side every step of the way. We infuse digital production strategically on your behalf to enhance B2B and B2C leads with no conflict of interest. We only get paid if you do.
  • 2. Regions and professional niches are always independent, so you get a 100% fully invested partner and Digital Marketing Professional committed to excellent lead generation i.e. Project Calendars, Editing Documents, Analytics Report Feedback,
  • D. A Full Factory of Digital Production

  • 1. Digital Products
  • A. Add Creation
  • B. Apps
  • C. Banners
  • D. Blogs
  • E. Brochures
  • F. Business Digital Cards (Front/ Back Sides)
  • G. Coupons
  • H. Digital Subscriptions
  • I. Domains
  • J. E-Books
  • K. Email Blasts
  • L. Email Signatures
  • M. E-Magazines
  • N. Employee Handbooks
  • O. Instruction Manuals
  • P. Landing Pages
  • Q. Letterhead
  • R. Menus
  • S. Newsletters
  • T. Proposals, Portfolios, PowerPoint Presentations
  • U. Promotional Fliers
  • V. Social Media
  • W. Website and Logo Design
  • X. White Papers
  • Y. WooCommerce
  • Z. WordPress

Digital Products customized to your wants and needs.

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