Digital Mobile Business As A Productive Model

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Digital Mobile Business is a pure production model from the standpoint of physical attendance becoming secondary if not sometimes irrelevant. Digital Mobile Business requires production, contribution, and engagement in order to achieve, rather than simply being in attendance.  It also creates flexible happier partnerships, which in turn leads to excellent results. Professionals work to meet short term and long term deadlines in most any job. What is more important, physical attendance or production? I’m not suggesting to reduce communication but rather enhance it in a variety of more targeted precise ways.

It is entirely possible to be physically present but produce lackluster results and contributions to the ongoing conversation that is involved in the pursuit of excellence. Happy, liberated (with freedom comes responsibility) talent set free will produce high quality, creative abstract and measurable results in appropriate timelines. The correct employee, or B2B partnership is always contingent upon the choosing of quality individuals both in character and talent no matter the industry. A Digital Mobile Business Model produces exponential production opportunities for creativity and efficiency.

According to a recent article from Forbes Magazine, Gallup reports that workers who spent 60-80% of their time away from the office had the highest rates of engagement. They become more productive in unlikely places. Working at a desk under florescent lights isn’t always the most inspiring or motivating environment. Some work better from home. Others flying on a plane or sitting out by the pool, and others at a coffee shop. It is nice to have options in life, especially if bright and driven. Kinesthetic movement gets the blood pumping and brain neurons firing and a new location sometimes stimulates fresh thought patterns, perspectives and helps us all develop a range of thought and scope that simply isn’t likely to happen at the synchronized snap of a finger. Micromanaging the wrong people is never going to be as good as liberating the right ones.

Writing and abstract thought comes in a variety of waves and ways typically triggered by something new, fresh, unexpected. Could even be a new conversation that never happens behind a synchronized 9 to 5pm cubicle. Technology in The Digital Age offers us a myriad of ways to communicate, collaborate, research, and infuse experts from all over the globe. The possibilities are simply limitless and are only limited by the dreams of a team of creative committed individuals.

Flexible Anytime, Anywhere Digital approaches make for happier, healthier employees and partnerships. With freedom comes the responsibility of production and deadlines, but it empowers workers to get the desired results on their terms based on who they are and in the framework of their human lives. It promotes humanity and opportunity in countless ways to an individual and those they work with. With the right individuals in a freedom centered work culture promotes empowering, liberating opportunities for success and the ROI possibilities endless. The ability to work Anytime Anywhere is a remarkable opportunity for employees, and entrepreneurs to manage, their Time Location, and Productivity. It improves lives!

Business is bottom line! The bottom line is the desired outcome or end result that ultimately counts. However, one should never underestimate the journey, the process, new experiences, and relationships. The process also matters and a Digital Mobile Business Model enhances the free flowing exchange of ideas and fresh access to better control Time, Location, and Collaboration. It facilitates high levels of abstract reasoning, synthesizing, and evaluation in ways that will be pleasantly unexpected. It also can change many lives for the better.

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