Digital Mobility Will Take Your Business From Four Walls To No Walls!

According to a recent article from Forbes Magazine, Gallup reports that workers who spent 60-80% of their time away from the office had the highest rates of engagement. They become more productive in unlikely places. Working at a desk under fluorescent lights isn’t always the most inspiring or motivating environment. Some work better from home, at a coffee shop, and others flying on a plane or sitting out by the pool. It is nice to have options in life, especially if autonomous, intelligent, and driven. Kinesthetic movement gets the blood pumping and brain neurons firing and a new location sometimes stimulates fresh thought patterns, creating a new perspective and helps us all develop a range of thought and scope that simply isn’t likely to happen at the synchronized snap of a finger. Micromanaging the wrong people is never going to be as good as liberating the right ones. A Digital Business Approach improves lives!