About Us

Mission Statement

To provide Digital Product and Service Options that will solve and better managespecific business problemsand continually evolve to better achieve an excellent “Mobile Business Lifestyle” as it relates to the Currencies of Finance, Time, and Location for our Clients.

Vision Statement

Our Vision is the Customization of Digital Product and Service Solutions that will increase ROI both Monetarily and in Time to achieve and sustain an Excellent Lifestyle for our Clients.

Our Organization

We bring a Professional Digital Team of experts with ten years of International Experience to your Digital Project Needs. Our Digital Production Experts are dedicated to mining the depths of the Internet on your behalf to provide you with the most current and ever evolving Cutting-Edge Digital Solutions.

We know that no two businesses are identical, and it is not our place to tell you how to run yours. However, we genuinely enjoy providing Client Centered Digital Solutions and are committed to solving your problems, so that you can focus on running your business. Communicate to us what you need and that overwhelmingly drives our process. Our business is Designing, Building, Customizing, Hosting, and Updating your Digital Marketing Products so you do not have to.

As a consumer there is nothing more frustrating than a lack of Communication on Product and Service updates. Haskell Services takes the initiative because the Client should not have to. Written Digital Status Reports and Weekly Report Updates are facilitated so the project can evolve and managed as the client feels is necessary. The right Digital Business Streams and Marketing Product and Services will increase Financial, Time, and Locational Return On Investment for all of us!

Our Organization Researches, Designs, Builds, Implements, and Manages Digital Product Solutions for increasing profit and cost saving for the following and anything else that is required for our Clients:

  • B2B Operations
  • B2C Operations
  • Business Finance
  • Cost Controls
  • Digital Products
  • Educational Research Technology Infusion
  • Package Engineering
  • Predictive Risk Management
  • Research Technology Infusion
  • Retail Business
  • Service Business
  • Small Business
  • Software Engineering, Digital Technology
  • Specialized Finance