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About Us

Mission Statement

To provide credible professional resource solution options that will assist in problem solving and continually evolving to better achieve an excellent “Mobile Business Lifestyle” as it relates to the Freedoms of Financial, Time, and location.

Vision Statement

We are Small and Mid-Sized Business Centered. We envision increased ROI both monetarily and in time through Mobile Anytime Anywhere Models to build and sustain excellent lifestyles.

We bring a professional, eclectic, and experienced team of Business and Research Technology Experts that are dedicated to mining the depths of the Internet on your behalf to provide you with problem solving strategies and digital solutions. Some problems are managed and others solved with a resourceful, comprehensive, and prudent approach to real life business challenges. No two businesses or owners are exactly alike and it is not our place to tell you how to run yours. However, we genuinely love providing options that assist you and you can implement as you wish. Your business is ours, so we have a Forum for you to help us better understand your largest challenges. By listening carefully we best learn how practically best help you. Our Free Newsletters, Blogs, Comprehensive Outlines (Cliff Notes), and Publications are driven overwhelmingly by your needs and requests in assisting you with increased (ROI).

Mobile Business Professional Team

Greg Haskell- B2B Operations, Research Technology Infusion
Mike Dohney – Service Business, Small Business
Paul Horn – Packaging Engineer Sales and Cost Controls
Ravi Sharma – Software Engineering, Digital Technology
Rick Haskell- Predictive Risk Management- Specialized Finance
Stephan Lauber- Educational Research Specialist
Terrence Green – Business Finance Operations

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