The Currencies of Life

What if you made millions of dollars but the price that was paid to acquire it cost you your health, your family, friends, inner peace, and led to general misery. Doesn’t seem like a good trade off to me. Haskell Services is about the balancing of Multiple Life Currencies and using Digital Mobile Business Sales and Marketing Models to facilitate a better lifestyle for individuals and businesses alike. Anytime, Anywhere Money, Time, and Location Freedom can be found in a Digital Mobile Business Model and allow an individual to pursue other valuable currencies.
For example, there is the Social Currency of family, friends, and healthy experiences. There is an individual’s Mental and Physical Health Currency to consider. Unrelenting stress can do great mental and physical damage but can also be alleviated with strategic fluid anticipation, preparation, and time management. The best time to prepare for a tsunami is before it hits! Currencies on earth all all finite.
Another example is Time Currency, since time on earth is finite. Time Currency Management is a critical skill to increase the odds of achieving a rich full prosperous life. There are 365 days in a year and 24 hours in a day, and not one of us knows for certain when our time will expire. As we get older time currency often surpasses monetary currency as a priority. Spiritual Currency is another consideration for many, which is that existential connection that is devoid of words but when achieved will grant a person priceless inner peace.Short term, Mid Term, Long Term goals and objectives should be planned for with fluid, flexible implementation and contingency plans for the inevitable unknown in both business and life.
Lastly, Monetary Currency, is necessary to facilitate and sustain one’s lifestyle on earth. The overall currency equation is different for each of us depending on our needs, wants, and desires. However, the fundamental principles are largely the same for all of us i.e. count the cost for every decision! We should all be counting the cost as we journey through life Digital Mobile Business can be a great asset in increasing your odds of achieving your goals and dreams.
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