Building Mutually Beneficial Remote Sales Business Relationships

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Ever hear the saying, “Less is more?” Well, in a world where small business is competing with billionaires, bots, AI Technology, etc.. on a very finite budget the challenge to succeed can be an overwhelming task. Another wise statement is, “one needs to know who they are in life and navigate accordingly.” Working smart, not just hard is crucial in 21st Century Business. Getting the maximum out of the minimum and knowing when to pivot are traits crucial. A Multi-Millionaire can fail nine times and afford to get to number ten where they finally find success. Small business owners make nine mistakes and it can result in bankruptcy or worse. The ability to recognize windows of opportunity as they open and close is a tremendous asset, and realistic expectations are also crucial for strategic, calculated, planned success. Wealth is typically generated gradually and not romantically. One last saying, “One can achieve positive results through negative (realistic) thinking.” What? Many a person has become penniless and broken trying to become rich. Also, the few that succeed are rarely as satisfied as they thought they would be after achieving it.

It has been said that, there is power in numbers. It may be more accurately stated, “there is power in the right numbers i.e. a clinched together fist of five can strike with much greater force that ten pointed fingers lacking the commitment and continuity of a fist and most likely resulting in broken fingers. The Big Three Freedoms: financial, time, and locational i.e. Anytime Anywhere Asynchronous Business is a game changer if done thoughtfully. Take the right four, five, six or even seven business owners of an LLC and if they are like minded in character, work ethic, and commitment this can be a recipe for a very successful creative collaboration and ongoing successful business sales streams. No need for employees, no office building leases, no storage of inventory (use drop shipping), no utilities, etc.. In a Mobile Remote Business Sales Model one can operate as an Independent Contractor both supporting and leading various profitable business stream projects. While statistically unrealistic to compete with Big Business there are beautiful sales streams available for nice pieces of the small business revenue pie. At last count in the United States the average small business makes around 50K per year and there are 28 million small businesses, which makes for a total of 1 trillion four hundred billion dollars. A few profitable strategic small slices from that pie through mutually beneficial business streams is very obtainable.

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